Building Services


The Golden Rule Building is professionally managed by Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc., a full service on-site management company located in Suite 200.



Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. is the on-site property management company for the building and is responsible for providing the management and maintenance of the building. Our goal is to maintain a professional atmosphere while providing a comfortable and productive work environment.


Our office is located in suite 200 on the second floor, near the elevators. Our phone number is 651-290-8890 (24 hours).


On-site maintenance is provided between the hours of 6:00 am and 5:30 pm Monday through Friday with 24 hour on-call support.


If your space or one of the common areas needs maintenance, you may submit a work order request.  For emergency repairs or requests, please call the management office prior to submitting a request.



The Golden Rule Building utilizes many forms of building and physical security, such as: access control, key control, officer patrols, and pre-scheduled building hours. These systems are managed and maintained Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. Officers can be reached by contacting the Building Management office.


The Building entrances, skyways and elevators are controlled by a card access system. Cards may enable after-hours access and can be obtained by contacting your Supervisor or by completing our work order request.


On-site cleaning staff is available Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 11:30 pm.


Building janitorial service is available during business hours by contacting the management company, Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. at 651-290-8890. Tenant office space is thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed after business hours during the week. The Building also provides cleaning of restrooms and building common areas throughout the work day.


Please contact the management company, Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. at 651-290-8890 to report a problem. You may also submit a work order request.