Building Rules


The following are some reminders about your space and the Building in general. Your compliance in these matters is valued in making The Golden Rule Building a safer work environment.


  • Notify building management immediately in case of unauthorized or suspicious person(s), theft, accident or building defect.
  • No plants or other items may be hung from the ceiling.
  • Picture hanging needs to be approved by tenant and building management.
  • Coffee pots are allowed in lunchrooms only and must be connected to shut-off timers.
  • No space heaters are allowed. (Please submit a work request if you are too cold.)
  • Small personal fans mounted on office furniture are permitted. No floor mounted or free-standing fans of any kind are allowed.
  • Refrigerators are allowed in lunchrooms only.
  • Canvassing, soliciting and peddling in the Building are prohibited. Please report any such activity to building management.
  • Please refrain from obstructing entrances, staircases, ramps and elevators.
  • Bicycles are not allowed in tenant spaces or common area spaces.  Bike storage is available on the first floor near the 7th Street entrance, please contact building management is you wish to rent a storage space.  There are also bike racks available in various place around the perimeter of the Building.
  • Freight and other large objects should be transported in the freight elevator only. Please avoid using the passenger elevators for any such use.
  • All signage must be approved by building management and only hung using blue painters tape. No signage, lettering or other objects should be placed in the windows.
  • No animals or birds shall be brought into the Building, except service animals with proper certification.
  • The building management reserves the right to require proper identification of any person in the Building and is not responsible for theft, loss or damage of any property.
  • No cooking is allowed in the Building, with the exception of microwave heating in designated lunchrooms.  Items being heated in microwaves must not be left unattended.  Microwave popcorn is prohibited throughout the Building.
  • No hazardous materials shall be brought into the Building without the written permission of building management.
  • No weapons of any kind are permitted in the Building.
  • The Golden Rule Building is a smoke free building, this includes e-cigarettes. All building personnel are required to smoke two feet away from any public entrance and preferably at the back entrance of the building.


These rules are not meant to be all inclusive and may be modified at management’s discretion. Again, your cooperation in these matters is greatly appreciated.