81 On Seventh


Charming turn of the century building with great location and available parking.


Located at the intersection of Seventh and Minnesota Streets and across the street from Town Square.


67,500 gross square feet.


Four (4) stories above grade and one level below grade.


Floor Plans
13,500 gross square feet per floor.


Skyway Connections
Proposal to connect to ramp and Golden Rule Building.


10-14′ high metal stamped ceilings, wooden floors and columns, brick and plaster exterior walls, large showroom windows on first floor and great windows on south and west faces.


Parking/Bus Transportation
On site parking available accommodating 12 vehicles. Robert Street Ramp is located next door. For more information on parking, click here. Building is located on major bus line on Minnesota Street.


Six to nine month time frame needed for building renovation that includes new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire life safety and elevators. Building is being vacated by a furniture retailer.


Taxes and operating expenses in the $7.00 per square foot range. Net rate would vary depending on the extent of renovation and tenant development. Target net rate of $15.00 per square foot.


81 East Seventh Street
The Golden Rule Office Tower